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St. Peter and St. Paul (El Greco Improvisation)

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Year created: 2007
The original artwork is oil painting on canvas, size 66.1x51.2 in (168x130 cm), and is available for sale. Buy original on Singulart

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History of the St. Peter and St. Paul by El Greco

El Greco - St. Paul and St. Peter

El Greco
"St. Paul and St. Peter", 1587-1592
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

El Greco was one of the first painters in Spain to depict the two Christian apostles, St Peter and St Paul, together. This enabled the artist both to reflect on religious concerns and to contrast their different personalities: St Paul is devout and passionate, St Peter gentle and meek. The poses and gestures, the colours and expression, the superb technique, all these emphasize the contrast between the two.

This painting comes from the high period of El Greco's creative life, a period during which he executed a whole series of works on the subject of Christ and the Apostles. Via

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